"Nothing is more rewarding than helping other people thrive"
Are You a Professional Passionate About Impacting the Lives of Many and Leaving a Legacy that Matters?

Are You Ready to BE the "Go To" Wellbeing Leader in Your Community or Industry?

FREE Training Reveals:

  • How to Create an Executive Level Wellbeing Team
  • How to Develop a Program that will Enable You, Your Company and Community to Thrive 
  • How to Co-create Comprehensive Programs with Your Teams to Manage Their Own Health and Wellbeing in a Fun Way with Lasting Results

As a company or community leader, you know that employee wellbeing has a critical impact on business or community performance.

As a health-minded leader, you have all the skills and experience to lead the transformation towards a healthier society - starting in your own working environment.

If you’re looking for more fulfillment in your career, join the transformation towards healthier societies and inspire leaders all over the world.

We help you implement effective wellbeing teams and programs that will empower your people and enable your business and community to thrivene

This FREE Training is for you if:

  • You want everyone in your company or city to work from their passion and to be well paid 
  • ​You are ready to create a healthy, thriving organization supported by a skilled executive level Corporate Wellness Consultant
  • ​You are open to learning more about the art of connecting in team communication, to continuously unlock more trust in work relationships
  • ​You have your own wellbeing habits, and have managed businesses and organizations with +200 people previously 
  • ​​You want predictability, certainty and clarity: no more vague wellbeing workshops without clear results
  • ​You want to know how to navigate the digital online wellbeing jungle, and to maximize your company or city success

Testimonials from CEOs, Directors and Executive Wellbeing Leaders:

The system and community platform is fully adaptable for CEOs and mayors to communicate regulations:
Yesterday, the private secretary of Minister of Health said that following the National Security Council will most likely state that 'sports together' will indeed be extended to 'with 2 others'. The platform, team and approach is agile so we are ready to adapt our scenario's today and launch the Post-covid approved community. 
- CEO Sports Association - 5 mi citizens - Belgium

Five months into the Corporate Wellness Project our voluntary leave retention rate went from 11.9% to 9.4%. From 23.8 people per month leaving to 18.8 people per month leaving is a 200k total saving over 5 months, or a ROI of 400% on project investment.
- Lead by Moov-IT certified Dreamjob Consultant - project for Director or a technology company with 200 people 

I am impressed by the interactive nature and the social aspects. The metrics you demonstrated are really valuable. 
- Wellbeing Executive Lead  - 200 employees - Sydney

What differentiates this approach is the sustainable effect. Looking for where the real profits are for a company beyond just employer branding. 
Addressing the target group with an unhealthy lifestyle via a strategy of "failure should not be possible". A wellbeing system that does not focus on competition, as this would not fit within our company, but on dynamics. The different dynamics that are more fundamental covering everything from physical to spiritual
- Wellbeing Executive Lead - 25.000 employees - Belgium 

After 10 years of growing absenteeism, in the last 3 month after launching and measuring the nutritional focused campaign, we have seen the first decrease in absenteeism in 10 years.
- Director of 200 employees - Retail -  Belgium 

Positive and interesting exchanges during our various meetings. We are convinced now that we must adopt a multi-layered approach (combining proactive and reactive actions) to combat our absenteeism. We will work out this approach internally.
- Wellbeing Executive Lead - 34.000 employees - Belgium 

It is really great to see how resilient and flexible everyone in our division is dealing with this situation. It is of course all still recent and fully used to the new reality. And it is a huge challenge for everyone to get the home situation tuned to remote working. Good follow-up and close contact with everyone through the people mgrs will be necessary. But still a positive start. I also saw that on the wellbeing channel a lot of tips were already shared to keep moving. Thank you for the great adventure and inspiration you brought. We will certainly not disappoint you and will continue to work on this.
- Lead by Moov-IT certified Dreamjob Consultant - project for Director or a technology company with 200 people 

Communication is the first indicator of wellbeing we have with people and when we know how to authentically share our needs, we realize that wellbeing is just the transfer of energy in fair exchange 

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